The revived website at provides fresh content regarding arbitration with news items as well as original and curated articles from new and seasoned arbitration voices.  It also includes a web series called “The Arbitration Conversation.”  This is a periodic web series where Prof. Amy J. Schmitz interviews leading thinkers in arbitration from around … Continue reading New Resource for Arbitration


Courtesy of EFOI Doug Yarn: The Georgia Justice Project seeks applications from third-year law students or recent law school graduates for sponsorship of a Skadden, Equal Justice Works, or other public-interest fellowship set to begin in the fall of 2021.  Applications will be accepted until August 17th, 2024 but reviewed as they are submitted. Click … Continue reading Georgia Justice Project Fellowship August 17 Application Deadline

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Pulitzer-Prize-winning NYT columnist Wesley Morris wrote a thoughtful essay, The Reconciliation Must Be Televised. “What is America’s next step in confronting its racism?  A broadcast spectacle that could look like court, a telethon, an Oprah show — and more.” Take a look.  [Click the title of this post to read the article.]

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ABA Publishing is hosting its first virtual annual meeting bookstore in conjunction with the ABA Virtual Annual Meeting, which opened today.  This sale is not limited to registered attendees.  Anyone with a computer, cell phone or tablet and an Internet connection can take advantage of these savings. Customers will receive a generous 25% off + … Continue reading ABA Book Sale From Now Until August 7

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For many of us looking at inequality and how to promote pay equity, the news that certain structural changes in negotiation can make a difference is quite welcome.  One of the hypothesized reasons for women’s pay inequity is that women might not have negotiated great starting salaries and then were held back over the course … Continue reading What to NOT Negotiate About—Salary History


We don’t normally think of elections as dispute resolution mechanisms, but that’s what they are. This year, the election campaigns reflect a deep conflict, with stark differences between Democrats and Republicans about perceptions of the past and present and visions for the future.  The election will provide some resolution of this conflict, possibly producing long-lasting … Continue reading 腾讯加速器下载-腾讯加速器最新版下载-华军软件园:腾讯加速器最新版是款适用于手游所打造的游戏加速工具。腾讯加速器官方版解决手游游戏过程中的延迟、掉线问题,极速网络,保障网络稳定性。腾讯加速器支持多款现在很热门、流行的游戏的国际服务加速,让用户玩游戏更快速,其还支持的游戏众多,包括王者荣耀、和平精英、PUBG、Fate_Go等。



Washington Post columnist and honorary dispute resolution expert Alexandra Petri provided a highly nuanced analysis of non-apology apologies recently illustrated by the grand master, Rep. Ted Yoho, who called his colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a “fucking bitch” (pardon my French). (Careful readers will recall my thrilling two-part series on non-apology apologies beginning here as well … Continue reading Master Class in Non-Apology Apologies



If you are interested, here is a call for papers for the Thai Arbitration Institute Law Journal:


Jim Coben’s wife, Barbara Freese, recently published a fascinating book, Industrial-Strength Denial: Eight Stories of Corporations Defending the Indefensible, from the Slave Trade to Climate Change. I haven’t read it, but I assume it’s a fascinating book based on a wonderful video interview of Barbara by Joe Rogan.  Here’s a description of the book: Corporations … Continue reading Industrial-Strength Denial

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Readings and Resources for Teaching

Now as an annual tradition, here’s a reminder of some of my favorite things you might require or recommend that students read as you gear up for the new year. My short “Letter to Kelly” provides advice for new 1Ls.  If you teach a 1L course, you might assign it even though it doesn’t focus … Continue reading Readings and Resources for Teaching

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LIRA Videos

This post collects several videos about the litigation interest and risk assessment (LIRA) techniques described in the book that Michaela Keet, Heather Heavin, and I wrote about the subject.  The videos may be of interest to academics, practitioners, and students.  The videos may be useful as resources used asynchronously in courses. Litigation Interest and Risk … Continue reading LIRA Videos

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NYLS Wednesday Lunch Series: Conversations in Conflict Resolution

From FFOI F. Peter Philips: We are pleased to announce the second series of this popular event.  Every other Wednesday, New York Law School hosts informal discussions with leaders in the fields of conflict avoidance, management, and resolution.  All sessions are free and will be held via Zoom at 1:00 p.m. EDT. July 29, 2024 … Continue reading NYLS Wednesday Lunch Series: Conversations in Conflict Resolution

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